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Right Here on This Spot
Written By Sharon Hart Addy
Illustrated By John Clapp



(At this point...the pencil drawing pages and the icons page below are finished.  The paintings are in progress, but it will be a little while longer until they're all up.)

Click on any of these images to see an enlarged version, with additional comments.  To see the process I go through when working on a painting see my section on Making A Picture, where I show what went into the Antique Lady painting for the book.

While the paintings are obviously an important part of the book, one of the things that I found interesting about this book was when I finished, I wasn't particularly proud of any of them.  This isn't to say I didn't like them, but that I liked them in the context of the book.  When seen as intended, sequentially, they are exactly what I wanted.  Separately, I feel they're very ordinary, even a bit boring.

With every book, I feel I'm learning more and more about the art between the pages...that is, the subtle art of stringing together sequential images for a particular effect.  I really believe that THAT is the art of children's books, not the making of the paintings.


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The Farmer


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ic_rhots_bigmoon.JPG (8238 bytes)

Big Moon


ic_rhots_bigtree.JPG (14190 bytes)

Big Tree

The Beach

ic_rhots_aerial.JPG (15880 bytes)

Aerial Farms

Indians Hunting

rhots_ic_antiquelady.JPG (22782 bytes)

Antique Lady


Pencil Drawings

If there were an Academy Award for Book Production, I think my Art Director at Houghton, Bob Kosturko, would deserve it for this book, just based on the quality of reproduction on these pencil drawings.  I knew when I first thought of doing them, that it might be a technical nightmare, or even impossible to really reproduce them.   Bob took great pains to get these to look right in the book.  I was amazed how well they printed.  So "Hat's off!" to you Bob, great work!

I'm really glad we were able to put these in the book, the addition of the pencil drawings and the icons, more than doubled the amount of artwork I did for the book, not to mention research, photo reference, etc.  But I don't feel the book would be anywhere near as good as it is without their inclusion. 

I put all the extra artwork in because I wanted to visually echo the archaeological subject matter of the book.  I wanted there to be "layers" of visuals, almost like strata, where the painting gives you one piece of information, the drawing another, and the icon still another key fact explaining the story.  Together, they tell a more complete story, and a far richer, more suggestive one, than I would have been able to do with only one to two images per spread.  I like to think of the pencil drawings as the "ghosts" within the story.

Another neat part of it, was being able to use them to give readers "clues" throughout the story, foreshadowing aspects of the story, or even as pseudo-flashbacks. 

It was a lot of work, but now that it's finally done, I'm really glad I went with it.  Besides all the things it allowed me to do storytelling-wise, many of the pencil drawings turned out to be some of my favorite pieces from the book.  (The Mastodon, The Indians)

Click on any of these images to see an enlarged version, with additional comments.


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The Title Page


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ic_rhots_p_fox.JPG (3060 bytes)



ic_rhots_p_tree.JPG (4220 bytes)


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Flag # 1


ic_rhots_p_wheat.JPG (3696 bytes)



ic_rhots_p_quilt.JPG (2825 bytes)



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Flag # 2


ic_rhots_p_indians.JPG (6576 bytes)



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These are all grouped onto a single page for viewing due to their small size.


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Magnifying Glass / Arrowhead / Button / Rooster / Shell / Glass Jar / Horseshoe / Civil War Cap / Moon