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Right Here on This Spot
The Big Moon Painting

Watercolor on Paper


The moon rose and set,
over and over.
Season followed season.
The breeze lost it's icy chill.
The glacier melted.
The lake shrank.


This painting was really simple to execute, but a lot of fun.  Because the moon is such a recognizable object, I was free to work really loose painting all the craters and basins of the moon. 

This is one of the "and then a lot of time passed" spreads in the book.  Visually, I felt I had to show something representing both a sense  of timelessness, and yet also change.  So with that in mind, the moon and the falling leaves spread seemed like perfect things to use.   (They both persist through the ages, yet they have distinct stages they pass through.)  I tried to emphasize this even more with the  graphic phases of the moon passing across the spread.  (See the book for this...I don't have it represented online.)

One little thing some readers may notice, is the moon is "previewed" in the previous picture, looming over the Paleo-Indians.

Also on this page, opposite the moon, are the moon spot and the snowflakes pencil drawing.


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