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The Prince of Butterflies

Published in Spring 2002.   A wonderful Bruce Coville story, the best manuscript I've worked with to date.  A superb story.
Ages 6 & up.

About $16



On Christmas Eve

My second picture book, currently scheduled for release in Fall 2002.  Written by Liz Rosenberg.

About $16


Right Here On This Spot

My first picture book.  Published Fall 1999.   It is the true story of how an archaeology dig on a Wisconsin farm revealed 10,000 years of history.
Ages 5-8.

About $15


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The Stone Fey

My first book for children.  Written by Newbery Winner Robin McKinley, it is the story of a young shepherd girl named Maddy who is seduced by a shy creature of the forest called The Stone Fey.  Ages 10-up.

About $16

M y  B o o k j a c k e t s





King of Shadows
by Susan Cooper

The story of a young actor who on a trip to London, somehow finds himself in 1600 playing Puck for William Shakespeare himself.  An award winner.


by Penelope Farmer

Pretty good as YA novels go.  
Audience: 9-12 year old girls.


One Bird 
by Kyoko Mori

Probably the best YA novel I've read as an assignment. Audience: 9-12 year old girls.




The Wrecker 
by David Skinner

I liked this book.   Really imaginative, odd story.  This is a probably the best boy's book listed here, though I think many girls would enjoy it too.  If you have a young male reader, especially the ones you want to encourage to read.  Get them this one.   
Audience: Young Adults (especially boys)



Dream Freedom 
by Sonia Levitan

About modern day slavery in the Sudan.

Audience: Young Adults


Past Forgiving 
by Gloria Miklowitz

Audience: 9-12 year old girls.



by Brian Burks

A book for kids interested in cowboys and the like.  The story of a young black cowboy on the Chisolm Trail.



We Are Witnesses 
by Jacob Boas

Excerpted diaries of teenagers who experienced the Holocaust.  Non-Fiction.

Music from a Place Called Half-Moon by Jerrie Oughton

A friendship between a young girl and an Indian boy.



Strawberry Hill 
by A. LaFaye

The Long Season of Rain 
by Helen S. Kim

The art director already had a clear concept so this is one of the few I didn't  read before illustrating. 
Audience: 9-12 year old girls.


Forged by Fire 
by Sharon Mills Draper

An award winner.

Audience: 8-13 year old African-American boys. 



Youn Hee and Me 
by C.S. Adler

Audience: 9-12 year old girls.

First Comes the Owl 
by Judith Benet Richardson

Fair. Audience: 9-12 year old girls.


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