Completed a LONG overdue update to the Before & After Drawings...and some minor changes to the classroom supply lists.

Shining is getting some wonderful critical attention!  Selected for the Society of Illustrators Picture Book Show, made a Booksense 76 pick by the nations independent booksellers, and some nice reviews are trickling in as well!

Some major additions!  A whole new section for my newly released book Shining!  New puzzles in the Puzzle Library!  Updated my calendar to reflect my Fall book tour signings!  Even more changes likely in the future, but I haven't cleaned up a few areas yet for public viewing.

Added a couple new links, and cleaned up a few spelling errors, etc.  Right now I'm on a bit of a creative hiatus---working just as hard---but not directing the energy towards a specific book.  I should be back to work next month preparing my first book as an AUTHOR/Illustrator.

Added a new section "Prints" where you can order a print of any image of mine you like, that is suitable for framing.

Updated the signing calendar for Fall 2002.

Just got a Starred Review for On Christmas Eve from Kirkus ReviewsRead it here! 

Started a new feature, the "Puzzle of the Week", where you can solve online jigsaw puzzles made from my pictures.  Give it a try! 

Received and posted an "Author's Note" from Liz Rosenberg, the author of my new book, On Christmas Eve. Also updated the signing schedule.

Have done a tremendous amount of work adding all kinds of information about On Christmas Eve, my new book, that just came out a couple weeks ago.  I'm especially proud of getting up the color comps to go with almost all the paintings---it really shows the planning that goes into them.  I'm going to try and post the sketches soon as well.  Also updated the signing schedule for this fall.

Just updated my signing schedule for Fall 2002. If you're interested, it may see some further updates as other events are arranged.

WOW!  Once again, I've been busy!  I've been planning, and doing, a lot of booksignings and publicity work for my new book, The Prince of Butterflies.  I just did the first signing, kind of the book "launch" at Hicklebee's Children's Bookstore in San Jose.  You can see photos from the event here, or you can see where I'll be signing next here.  I've also finished adding the preliminary work for viewing on The Prince of Butterflies.

Done with the redesign (for the most part)  Check out the new children's book I have coming out in March.  Also, if you should find any bloopers, dead links, misspellings, etc.  PLEASE let me know as the redesign involved a tremendous amount of reformatting, shifting of pages, etc.  I'm sure I missed updating a few things.  (The portfolio and non-children's areas have for the most part, not yet been updated.)

In the midst of a MAJOR redesign of the site.  A lot of the content is staying the same, but I'm shifting the emphasis of the website from a "freelancer" to "children's author" to better reflect the nature of my career these days.  In addition, the technology of the web has now risen to a mean level where I may be able to do some things that weren't feasible in the pre-Flash days of the Internet.

Wow...I didn't realize it had been a year since I updated the site. I guess it's just an indication of how busy I've been the last year.  (Finished two more books, started a third, writing a fourth, bought a house, got married...)  Yeah, I've been pretty busy.  

I actually HAVE done stuff to the site, but it won't be visible until December, and then next summer as the next two books are released.  If all goes well, I may also have a digital camera around the end of the year which will allow me to update the Classroom section more often.

Added an "opinion" on improving and converted my bookstore over from Amazon.com to Booksense.com to help support independent bookstores.

Added some sketches from my trip to Italy in June, and reorganized the studio section of the site a bit.  I think I may run a "Caption contest" for one of the photos my friend took of me sketching.  You can see it here...and no, it isn't staged!  :)

I just added a great book to the bookstore that showcases the work of all the Hall of Fame inductees from the Society of Illustrators.  It's a great book that every illustration student should own.

I just posted the paintings of Asilomar on the Studio page.

I just returned from a teacher's reading conference at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA.  I met a lot of teachers, signed a lot of books, gave a brief talk, met a few fellow writers and illustrators, walked up and down the beach, and had an absolute blast.  Soon, I'm going to post some of the photographs, and also a couple paintings I did while sitting on the beach in the afternoon.  It's a rough life being a children's book artist!  :)

I've added an EXCELLENT book on painting to the bookstore.  The best painting instruction book I've seen.   Expensive, but very, very good.  It's called "Alla Prima: All I Know About Painting" by Richard Schmid.  It's in the bookstore.

I've posted some more "Before and After" drawings in the Classroom section.  Here is one of the examples:

Renee Cerda - Spring 1999

cerda1_ic.JPG (4579 bytes)     cerda2_ic.JPG (7998 bytes)  Click on either image to see the large versions. 

I've also added a little something special at the top of the page for my SJSU students.

A sincere "Thank You" to Hicklebee's book store in San Jose for hosting the book signing for Right Here on This Spot.  Also, many thanks to all the people who showed up!  You all get "A's"...just kidding.  

Also!  A "Thank you" to the Christina Eng of the ANG Newspaper group (Oakland Tribune, The Argus, San Mateo Times, Tri-Valley Herald) for their article on local illustrators which mentioned yours truly and contained a nice little write-up on Right Here on This Spot.

ALSO!  Through a random course of events, I sold a piece off this site!  Read the story here.   It should be titled, "How to Fund your Vacation in 20 minutes a Day."

I've posted a new painting in the section for Right Here on This Spot.  I've also added a page of information and opinions in the Classroom section regarding watercolor...get to work Carole!  :)    You too Ruben.

The date for the Right Here on This Spot Book Party has been set!  It's going to be Saturday Dec. 11th, from 11:30am to 1pm at Hicklebee's Bookstore in San Jose.   See the above link for additional information.  Come one, come all!

Also, if you're in need of a nice Xmas gift for someone, (and you DON'T need a children's book!) and if they like art or National Geographic Magazine, check out The Art of National Geographic: A Century of Illustration.  It's an incredible coffee table book showcasing some of the best illustrations you'll ever see.  It was written by my friend and SJSU colleague Bunny Carter. 

I just found out that Giant Steps Books & Toys, a well-known children's bookstore in Fremont,  just selected Right Here on This Spot as one of their "Book Picks of the Season".  A sincere "Thank You!" to Giant Steps! 

Right Here on This Spot, my new book, just got two really nice reviews from Publisher's Weekly & Kirkus Reviews, two of the major reviewers in the publishing industry.  You can read them here

Sharon (the author) also just sent me her bio page information, and some additional curriculum ideas for teachers.  You can see some of the ideas we've come up with on our "Teachers" page.

A book release party is being planned for my new book, Right Here on This Spot.  It looks like the date will be Sat. Dec. 11th at Hicklebee's Books in San Jose.  When dates are confirmed, and as it gets closer, I'll be sending out an email invite.  If you want to receive an invite, just email me.

My newest book, Right Here on This Spot, was just released.  Check out the new portion of the site devoted to this book here.  It can also be ordered through this site at a discount via Amazon.com.  It still has a few sections left to be filled, but it is largely up and running.  A book release party is currently being planned.  If you would like to be put on the email mailing list for new books, send me your email and I'd be happy to keep you posted. 

I just got back from the 1999 ALA Annual Convention.   Had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, did a lot of drawing, etc. I may post some of the sketches online as I did with the D.C. Trip.  I also just got back the artwork for Right Here on This Spot, my second children's book, and a bound copy of the finished book.  Look for that section of my website to get fleshed out soon.

I just posted MY version of what I thought The Stone Fey cover should have looked like.  Go to this page and follow the link if you're curious what damage a marketing department can do.

I've finished the Children's Book FAQ.  Next week, I'll be in New Orleans for the ALA Convention where I'll be doing a book signing and that kind of thing.

I've FINALLY put some stuff up in the "Studio" portion of my site.  If anyone has any questions, or wants to see anything in particular, (what a color comp looks like, etc.)  email me and I'll try to put it up.  I think that ultimately this will be both the most private, and the most interesting part of the site.  Let me know what you think...what else you'd like to see...etc.

I just added a really neat book to my booklist.   It's expensive, but anyone who is interested in painting should check it out.   It's called "Rembrandt: The Painter at Work" and it is a fascinating, scientific dissection of his painting methods.  It's in the Bookstore.  

I've also realized I'm never going to finish my opinions section without some kind of prompting...if you have a question on any of the topics listed their (in the "Classroom"), please email me, and I'll do my best to add your question, and my answer, there.  Thanks!

In response to questions about my process, I've just added an animated applet showing one of my paintings as it looks at all stages of completion.  It is the "Green Things" painting for The Stone Fey.  To see it, click here.

This last Wednesday, I spent the day at Laurel Elementary School in San Mateo, California, speaking to 400+ 1st through 5th graders about how children's books are made and what an illustrator does.  The kids got to see some of my original paintings and all the different stages a book goes through on it's way to thebookstore.

 thankyou.JPG (76487 bytes) 

Hailee, a 2nd Grader sent me this "Thank You" letter along with her classmates.  (She liked the Dentist and The Madonna paintings and wished me a happy Valentine's Day.) 

I've just finished proofing the galleys for my second picture book, Right Here on This Spot, which is supposed to be released this fall.  I'm also just about to begin painting for "On Christmas Eve".

In December I found out that three illustrations for The Stone Fey were selected for the Society of Illustrators 41st Annual Exhibition.  You can view them here.

Right now I'm just working on book # 3..."On Christmas Eve" by Liz Rosenberg.  I'm just finished shooting most of the photo reference this last week in the Carson City/Reno/Truckee area.

Currently, I have no book signings, appearances or other public events scheduled. If you're a teacher or represent a school or library and are interested in scheduling an event, please contact me at:


Thank you.