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Selected for the Society of Illustrators
Annual Show of art from the "Best Children's Picture Books of 2003."

Booksense 76 Pick from the 
nation's independent booksellers!

"This powerful tale, stunningly illustrated, is a beautiful story about a little girl named Shining who remains quiet, despite being shunned by her village, and who waits for the right sound to come.  In this tale about remaining true to yourself, the paintings literally glow with warmth."
---- Jill Bailey, BookPeople, Austin, TX

"Like a piece of sophisticated music, this will engender profound emotional responses"
Kirkus Reviews

"John Clapp’s paintings are some of the most beautiful children’s illustrations being created today. John's luminous paintings add a breathtaking dimension to Shining"
Michael Barnard -- Rakestraw Books


by Julius Lester

Long ago in a mountain village, a girl called Shining was born...

As black as wisdom, with a gaze as bottomless as the unknown, Shining is as quiet as the night.  Although she is silent, her parents are devoted and steadfast in their love for her.  What they cannot know, as she grows, is that the day will come when the mystery will end and they will come to understand her silence.  One day, Shining will be the leader of her people.

Newbery Honor author Julius Lester has created a tale of individuality---part fairy tale, part coming -of-age story---about the power of listening to the silence within.  John Clapp's radiant illustrations bring a remote world and a remarkable young woman near.

Harcourt - Fall 2003
ISBN #: 0-15-200773-3


"stunning illustrations make readers into believers"
** Starred Review from Kirkus Reviews

"the best Christmas book this year."
Walter the Giant Storyteller


On Christmas Eve
by Liz Rosenberg

It was a long drive to Aunt Cleo's house, but that was okay, it was Christmas Eve.  It began to snow lightly as they crossed the state line, and then the storm grew thicker, until they were forced to pull over and spend Christmas Eve at a motel, a motel without a chimney -- or even a mailbox.  

 As they lay in the dark motel room, it didn't feel like Christmas.  But a young boy's Christmas wish finds it's way to Santa, and creates a night he will remember forever.

Roaring Brook - Fall 2002
ISBN #: 0-7613-2707X







Winner --- "Best Illustrated Book of the Year" (2002)
Rakestraw Books


The Prince of Butterflies
by Bruce Coville

They are light as air, soft as feathers, fragile as a dream.  
They are lost and need a guide to lead them to safety -- someone like eleven-year-old John Farrington.
They will change his life forever.

Passionate, moving, and inspiring, this flight of fantasy from master storyteller Bruce Coville is a timely fable about the difficulties -- and the rewards -- of staying true to one's heart.

Harcourt - Spring 2002
ISBN #: 0-15-201454-3




Right Here on This Spot
by Sharon Hart Addy

Right here on this spot, where today Grandpa drives a tractor in his cabbage field, Indians in ancient times lit their campfires, chipped stone into tools, and then moved on.

The moon rose and set over the field, season followed season, trees grew into a forest, and settlers came from across the ocean to clear the land again and make a new home.  

And one day years later, a Union soldier crossing that field lost a button...

A chronicle of the changes the centuries bring to one field -- offering a vivid slice of history.

Houghton Mifflin - Fall 1999
ISBN #: 0-395-73091-0


The Stone Fey
by Robin McKinley

Maddy has been roaming the Hills of Damar with her sheep since she was a girl.  The Hills hold everything she desires: her family; her beloved dog, Aerlich; and soon, her fiancé, Donal, who will be returning from a year away.  But one evening a lamb is lost, and when Maddy goes back to find him, she discovers something else the Hills possess.  Something that will change her forever.  

Harcourt - Fall 1998
ISBN #: 0-15-200017-8


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