Dwight Harmon Memorial Site and Archive

This "tribute" site has vanished.  Until someone posts it again, I'm going to have this link to an image of Dwight's that is available in print form.  Proceeds benefit his memorial scholarship fund.

Dwight was one of my really special (and crazy) instructors at Art Center.   This site is partially an archive of Dwight's famous "Media Experimentation" class at Art Center.  Check out the notes for the projects.   Dwight was one of those unique people who just can't be adequately described in words; you had to experience him.  If you browse the site you might begin to have some idea of what he was like, and how much he will be missed.


images copyright craig mullins/erik tiemens


Artists:   Craig Mullins     Erik Tiemens

Craig & Erik graduated a couple of years ahead of me from Art Center.  Both are exceptionally well-trained, successful, and they have informative websites to boot.  The other thing I really enjoy about showing people their work is they use digital methods so effectively in addition to their work in traditional media.   Highly recommended viewing---especially for art students.


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Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia

As an artist who owes a lot of his early visual interests to comic books and cartooning, it always pains me to see young comic book/cartooning fans who have a "fanboy" approach to the medium.  They know every "Anime" epic by heart and have never heard of George Herriman or Walt Kelly.  I'm posting this link because this guy is doing a great job of covering the rich history of the medium.  For any comic-interested artist, this is a mandatory site that should be studied and read in it's entirety.


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Children's Book Council

For anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in children's books, this should be the first site you stop at.  A cooperative effort of all the major publishers, the site lists all the major companies, what they are, and are not looking for, who to send what to, etc.  All in all a very informative site for the would-be children's author/illustrator.


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Bud Plant Illustrated Books

A really nice site that sells, purchases, and supports the very best of illustrated books.  THE place where artists and illustration aficionados go when they're trying to find that really special, hard-to-find book for their library.  I only allow myself to browse once in a while, there are simply too many books I'd like to have on my bookshelf.


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The Artchive

An imaginary museum of sorts with a very good list of artists represented by very high quality scans.  A great place to find an image from an artist when you KNOW you know their work, but can't place it.  Students especially should spend a lot of time browsing here.  That in itself would make the site worthwhile, but in addition, it has "virtual exhibitions" such as the first Impressionist exhibition with 20 or so works from the original show represented, TO SCALE.  You can then read reviews, zoom in, or see the catalog entry for each of the pieces.  A really well done site in every respect.   Sites like this fulfill the promise of the World Wide Web.


I'm going to make every effort to keep this list limited to links that I feel are really worthwhile and interesting.  If you should find one that is no longer working, please email me so I can take care of it.