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Right Here on This Spot
Written By Sharon Hart Addy
Illustrated By John Clapp


Readers, what follows is Sharon's response to my request for some information for this page:

Hi! I'm absolutely tickled that John gave me a space on his website. I love what he did with the book. I'll admit I worried about the art when I heard he was from California. Would an artist from California know what Wisconsin looks like? Since editors don't let writers talk to artists while the book is in production, I chewed my nails. I shouldn't have bothered. As I drive around the state, I see John's art in real life.

Although Right Here on This Spot is set in Wisconsin, the idea behind the story could apply to any place in the world. The changes, especially since the advent of man, can be fascinating. If you pick a spot and think about it, I'm sure you'll agree.

I can feel John giving me a mental nudge to get to my biography. That's why he gave me this space.

My background includes teaching fifth grade for several years. That was back in the dark ages before teachers were granted maternity leave. I stayed home to raise my daughters. They're grown now and finding their way in the world. I started writing when they were small and I've been doing it ever since.

Although I consider myself a children's writer, I write a variety of things. I even produce material for adults now and then. If you're into outdoor adventure you'll probably enjoy the anthology Wisconsin Seasons. Being the only woman writer in the book tickles my sense of humor since I'm not much of a sports person. My contribution, "The Breakwater," tells the story of a dramatic fishing trip with my dad.

The connection between people and where they live keeps popping up in my work. It's a strong element in my picture book A Visit with Great-Grandma. I'm Polish, not Czechoslovakian, but again, the basic situation applies.

Oops! This is beginning to sound like a bibliography. Guess I'd better stop here. My work is my life (don't tell my husband) and my life is my work.

Hope you like Right Here as much as I do.

Note:  Sharon is also the author of Kidding Around Milwaukee a children's guide to the Milwaukee area and We Didn't Mean To which explores what vandalism is and how it hurts people.