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About This Book


Right Here on This Spot
Written By Sharon Hart Addy
Illustrated By John Clapp

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A Houghton Mifflin Company Book for 1999
ISBN# 0-395-73091-0
$15   (Ages 4-8)

The Story
Right here on this spot, where today Grandpa drives a tractor in his cabbage field, Indians in ancient times lit their campfires, chipped stone into tools, and then moved on.

The moon rose and set over the field, season followed season, trees grew into a forest, and settlers came from across the ocean to clear the land again and make a new home.

And one day years later, a Union soldier crossing that field lost a button...

Grandpa was digging a ditch when he found that button. Deeper in the ditch he discovered an arrowhead and the bones of a strange beast...

The Author
Sharon Hart Addy's home state is Wisconsin. When an archeologist told her that during the Ice Age a glacier covered the state and early man hunted mastodon and mammoth near where she now lives, she started thinking of the changes that have taken place since that time. RIGHT HERE ON THIS SPOT began to take shape. Ms. Addy has been writing since her daughters were small, and she is the author of A VISIT WITH GREAT-GRANDMA, a CCBC Choice for 1989.

General Information
Right Here on This Spot
is my second illustrated book and my first official picture book. 

The Stone Fey is technically considered a "storybook" which is slightly different.  (The difference is the proportion of words to pictures.)

For more information about my illustrations for this book, my other work, or biographical information, please browse the rest of this site.

For more information about Sharon, see About The Writer.

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