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Right Here on This Spot
Written By Sharon Hart Addy
Illustrated By John Clapp


Is the story true?
As I understand it, the basis of the story is truthful, and is based on digs in the Wisconsin area, but the events themselves are fictional.  They are all things that did happen in the area, but were discovered at several different sites rather than one.

Did you have to travel to Wisconsin to do the artwork?
No, I actually travelled to Oregon, the Williamette Valley area, for the landscapes and farms.  Much of the reference was shot on and around my maternal grandfather's old farm.  (now owned by someone else)  The title page picture, and the cauliflower fields are from the farm across the road from the house where my mother grew up. 

I did do a lot of Wisconsin research though, via libraries, phone calls, and the Internet, to make sure the animal and plant life shown in the book was plausible for each period.

How did you find all the things in the book to make the pictures?
See the answer above...a LOT of phone calls to universities, biologists, etc. Several smaller items I just stumbled upon--the pitchfork, etc.  Others, like the button and the Civil War cap, I actually purchased over the Internet. 

If you have any other questions about the book, please email me.

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