Why do you use Booksense?  Why not Amazon.com?
Booksense is a collective of independent booksellers formed to allow independent booksellers to compete online with major corporations like Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

As it stands right now, the major corporate booksellers can command special competitive advantages from the publishing industry that are not available to smaller, independently-owned booksellers.  (The right to return 300 unsold copies of Anna Nicole-Smith's autobiography for instance.)

Why do you want to support the independent booksellers?
As an author, I've learned that independent booksellers are much more knowledgeable about the book industry, and the books they sell -- it's their business, as opposed to their job -- than the employees at the local chain.  Additionally, while working on my graduate thesis, I came to see them as a very important part of the book industry.  A rich variety in booksellers is good for the book industry in much the same way that a diversity of species makes for a healthier habitat.

Support your local independent bookseller






Text below from Booksense.com

What is Book Sense?
Book Sense is a national marketing campaign on behalf of the independent bookstores of America. It is both a local and national effort to shine a light on the knowledge and diversity of independent bookstores, via the Book Sense Bestseller List -- now running in over a dozen newspapers as well as monthly in US News and World Report and on CSPAN -- and the Book Sense 76 -- a bi-monthly selection of eclectic new books chosen by independent booksellers.

Book Sense also offers a gift certificate welcome at over 1,100 independent bookstores nationwide! And then there is, of course, BookSense.com.

What is BookSense.com?
BookSense.com is a family of independent-bookseller websites. (And it's the e-commerce arm of the American Booksellers Association's Book Sense program.)

When you visit a BookSense.com virtual bookstore, you will experience the knowledge and passion of independent booksellers who share their love of books with their customers and their communities. You'll have access to information and news about local authors, store events, and myriad staff recommendations -- and you will also be presented with content that reflects the collective wisdom of booksellers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico.