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Right Here on This Spot

These are some of the spot illustrations for Right Here on This Spot.

My intentions in creating these spots was to add another layer of information to the visuals for the book.  As mentioned elsewhere, I wanted the book's visuals to be a "layered" in their presentation to echo the archaeological subject matter. 

They also became a wonderful device to echo and enhance elements within the text.  For instance, when Grandpa finds the button while digging, the icon on that page is the Civil War cap, clueing in an aware young reader to whose button it is, without overtly mentioning it in the text until the next page spread.  I thought kids would enjoy that--feeling like they knew something the story didn't know yet. 

Another thing I like about them is I think, in context with the pencil drawings and the paintings, the book can hold your interest longer because of the juxtapositions of the different visuals.  You might miss something the first couple times through, and then the third time through, you see it and understand the foreshadowing, etc.

As it turned out they were some of my favorite pieces of art from the book.  There were ten in total.  Missing here is the Bird Nest spot.

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