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Right Here on This Spot

Graphite on Bristol Board

This is art for the half-page spread opposite the "Big Moon" picture in Right Here on This Spot.

This was the largest piece of pencil art for the book.  It was surprisingly easy to do.  At first it seemed intimidating to draw something so structured like a snowflake, but after doing a couple I realized it's actually easy. 

If you establish a basic structural similarity from branch to branch, you can just doodle in a bunch of nonsense, and a viewer's brain will just accept that all the similarities are there, and look somewhere else.  They will THINK you've drawn all the careful details, even though you haven't.

The light "arc" drawn through the image is the path for the "moon" spot which was added in production of the book.   The line was removed at that point.  (or covered up)

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