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Right Here on This Spot
The Paleo-Indian Painting

Watercolor on Paper


They ate mastodon,
chipped stones into tools,
then moved on,
leaving charred wood,
animal bones, and broken stones.


This painting was a bit of a challenge...painting severe light sources like this is difficult normally--in watercolor those difficulties are compounded by the effort it takes to get dark values in the medium. 

It's really impossible to paint a light source "into" a painting.  Our eyes are so uniquely sensitive, there is no way to simulate the effect in paint.  The best you can do is to skew the values a bit--painting all the light values slightly darker than they should be--to allow your "light source" to be significantly brighter by comparison.

One little thing some readers may notice, is the moon is a "preview" for the following spread, hinting at what is coming next.

Also on this page, alongside the Indians, is the ashes pencil drawing.

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