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The ancient Indian campfire,
the arrowheads,
and the button
rested in the ground --
a hidden history --


Right Here on This Spot

The Aerial Farms Painting

Watercolor on Paper

While on the surface,
families worked the fields,
plowing, planting, harvesting.
Farmers left the farm
to their children.
The children grew old
and left it to their children.

This painting is another one of my favorites from the book.  I was a lot of fun to paint---when you're painting "squares" representing farmland it really doesn't matter what you do to them---I just played with the colors and let it be.  I also like how the farmland looks "quilted", which echoes both the pencil drawing on the same page, and the text talking about farmers leaving their land to each generation.

I hope Sharon will forgive me for mentioning this, but on reading the manuscript I thought to myself, "here's where she wants the "strata" picture showing all the items in the ground.", and I was determined not to do that as it is THE cliched archaeological image.  I wanted to make it a little more poetic and in keeping with the rest of the book, so I seized on the "hidden history" line and thought "what if I let it all be hidden?"   I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Their are no spots on this page, but the margin drawings are of blades of wheat and a quilt respectively.

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