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Right Here on This Spot
"Sandi's Quilt"

Graphite on Bristol Board

This is art intended to act as a backdrop for type in Right Here on This Spot.

This art was a last minute change from the dummy.  Originally, I had a pair of hands grasping a farm implement handle to symbolize the working of the farms.  When concerns were raised about type legibility, I changed the image to a quilt. 

As it worked out, I'm glad I did for several reasons.  The text is talking about people leaving the farm to their children, and their children after that.  So I thought a quilt is a nice "heirloom" object that reinforces that idea. 

My mother is a member of a quilting organization and several friends of hers are avid quilters.  When I mentioned that I needed a traditional quilt, she borrowed this one from her friend Sandi.  When I saw the house design on the quilt, I knew it was perfect for what I wanted. 

The drawing itself is a little clumsy I think, it isn't as sensitive as some of the other pencil drawings, but it does the job okay.  The house design makes it for me.

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