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Right Here on This Spot Title Page Art

Graphite on Bristol Board

This is the title page art for Right Here on This Spot.

One of the neat things about this image is the story behind it.  The farm actually exists--it's located near Salem, Oregon.  

I found the place when I was scouting for farms for the book.  What's neat is that my mother grew up across the road from it and used to do odd jobs for the previous owners--they were friends of the family--my mother's family moved when she was a teenager, so it's a real sentimental image for that side of my family.

My uncle, knowing nothing about any of this, took one look at the galleys for the book and recognized the place immediately.  I thought that was pretty neat. 

Now a kindergarten teacher and her husband live there.  They were nice enough to let me on the property one afternoon to shoot reference of the buildings and the land.

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