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Right Here on This Spot
By Sharon Hart Addy
Illustrated by John Clapp


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A Houghton Mifflin Company Book for 1999
ISBN# 0-395-73091-0
$15   (Ages 4-8)


Below is the basic set-up for this section, over the coming months, I will be fleshing it out and detailing each stage.

An Overview
The Stages of a Book--From Manuscript to Bound Copies

The Manuscript
The initial manuscript and how it was broken down.

Initial Thumbnails
The initial thumbnails and thoughts about the design of the book and the visuals.  My ideas for how the pictures would work with the text.

Initial Sketches
The first tight sketches, where people besides myself can begin to see the book visually.

A Book Dummy
The first real test...does it work as a book?   The first presentation to the editors.

Corrections and Changes
The inevitable small changes and corrections.

Photo Reference & Research
The most invisible part of the making of the book.   RESEARCH!

The book begins to take shape.

The final production phase of actually working on the paintings.

The book goes to the press and production people...and we make any final (we hope) corrections.

The book is printed, but not bound.  Last chance to change anything, and only if it is a major gaffe.

The Books!
It's DONE!!!  Now we get to share it with people.

A Timeline
What happens when.