Monarch Watch

An incredible program at the University of Kansas, devoted to the study of the Monarch Butterfly.  They have developed a K-12 Science curriculum and work with hundreds of teachers nationally to gather information on the monarch and its migratory patterns.  Lots of information---a great site for teachers.  This is the site to check first for information on the Monarch.  It's very comprehensive.



Prairie Frontier

A website for a company that sells wildflower seeds.  They have an excellent list of Butterfly Gardens where you can walk amidst hundreds of butterflies.  They also have identification charts, and tips for planting your yard to attract more butterflies.



The Lepidopterist's Society

Group devoted to the study of butterflies & moths.

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Children's Book Council

For anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in children's books, this should be the first site you stop at.  A cooperative effort of all the major publishers, the site lists all the major companies, what they are, and are not looking for, who to send what to, etc.  All in all a very informative site for the would-be children's author/illustrator.




A site that provides live Monarchs for release at weddings, birthdays, funerals, etc.  They also sell mounted specimens.  They helped me with some expert advice and commentary when I was beginning to work on the book.



The Butterfly Website

One of the more visible butterfly websites on the Internet.


I'm going to make every effort to keep this list limited to links that I feel are really worthwhile and interesting.  If you should find one that is no longer working, please email me so I can take care of it.