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One of the early paintings finished for the book.  I still don't like how the snowflakes turned out unfortunately.  Overall though, I like how the lighting feels a lot like moonlit roads in snow country.  This image was a bit harrowing to shoot reference for.  I found a very deserted country road (it might have been a long private driveway, I'm not sure) just south of Truckee, California. I parked my car---lights on---in the road (being very careful not to lock my keys in the car at 2am miles from anywhere.) and ran 60 yards back down the road, set up a tripod and camera by the side of the road in sub-freezing weather, and shot 10-30 second exposures by moonlight---hoping I would get something usable.

As it turned out, the metering system on my camera was a little too good.  It compensated for the lighting so well that the scene just "glowed" with light.  I ended up having to use what I thought would be the throwaway exposures I'd done while bracketing the shot.  The underexposed shots were actually much closer to the feeling of the moonlit night.
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