Author's Note
Liz Rosenberg

"In my opinion, John Clapp has perfectly captured the dreaminess I wanted in this story-- the sense of mystery that can surround even a place like a rundown motel in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. Each time I "read" his pictures I discover more and more. The author is not always thrilled with the work of the illustrator for a given book. I've had books handed back to me illustrated where I thought, Whatever happened to the book I wrote? But with the best illustrations, it's like a marriage, and I think each partner believes the other is more brilliant and gives more, is worth more; there's a sense of wonder that one could be connected to such a fine person. I'm very grateful to what John made of my story, which came to me quite clearly on a walk one day. Each time I open the book and see his art, it's like opening a gift. I hope you the reader will enjoy it, too."

Liz Rosenberg
10 / 14 / 2002

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