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The Baby
Color Comp  Painting
Mixed Media

This was an experience.  In the text, Julius wrote that the baby was born with jet-black skin (dark skin pigmentation normally develops later) and looked into the mother's soul "as if she knows my past and my future."   First of all, it's always difficult to live up to a line like that!  Secondly, you have a painting of a baby that has to feel a little otherworldly. It's like trying to paint an evil teddy bear without really changing anything about it.

As an artist my goal was to creep people out a little bit...and based on how people react (without knowing the story) I think it works pretty well.

The other issue with this painting is I wanted to have a "genuine" newborn, unlike the 8 week old kids you see on television in "childbirth" scenes.  I was starting to worry about this when one day one of my students said he wasn't going to be able to stay for class as his wife was going into labor........

In the end, this baby was a composite of his baby, and a baby born to a neighbor a week or two later.
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