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Color Comp  Painting
Mixed Media + Digital Manipulation

Probably the image in the book with the most involved backstory.  Unknowingly, I was working on an older version of the manuscript, some sections of which had changed in small, but significant ways.  This spread, where Shining "sings" for the first time, was originally quite ominous, and was revised to where it had a lighter touch, more a sense of wonderment than fear.  Of course, none of these discrepancies were noticed until the last minute, when we were facing press deadlines, and the designer, editor, writer, and I had to make some quick adjustments to make the image fit better with the text as written.  

I had my doubts, but in the end, I think it worked out nicely.  It is interesting though to see the original version of the painting before all of the last minute manipulations.  

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