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from The Prince of Butterflies



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This painting really surprised me.  Through the whole process of visualizing it I was sure of how it was going to look; until I actually sat down to paint it.  
In the process of doing the color comp I went through several versions, (see the final comp here) each getting simpler than the last. As I added the butterflies to the last comp, I put in just a few--originally I had planned many more--and I realized I liked the simplicity of it.  It reminded me of a Japanese composition; spartan, but carefully, and chaotically, arranged.  The final painting turned out better than anything I had imagined for it.  While I didn't think of this until after the fact, I'm really pleased with how the simplicity of this opening spread sets up the splendor and color of the next spread.


This is the first spread of the story and describes the young John Farrington coming outside one morning to find Monarch Butterflies resting all over his house.



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