from The Prince of Butterflies



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This was a pleasant surprise!  For technical reasons, I masked off the speaker and the slide image and painted almost everything else first.  At that point it was looking a little boring.  As soon as I painted the face of the speaker---John---and the slide image, the whole thing came to life.


In every book it seems there are "working" paintings---paintings you have to put in to tell the story but aren't very interesting in themselves---and I thought this was going to be one of those; alright, but boring to work on.  As it turned out, it's one of my favorites, which was totally unexpected.


This point in the story details John attending college, majoring in Lepidoptery (the study of butterflies) and ultimately getting kicked out of the program because he couldn't bring himself to pin specimens into collections.  He continues to work and thirty years later is responsible for Congress passing a bill protecting the migratory route of the Monarchs.



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