The Meadow
from The Prince of Butterflies



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This is another one that I saw very early in my head.  Because of the process involved in doing this kind of painting (Stockpile karma. Wet paper. Pray. Dribble paint. Sacrifice livestock. Blow dry. Chant.  Repeat several times)  you can't control it.  You aren't guided by what you want it to look like so much as how you want it to feel.  When you get to the right feeling---you stop.  If you never get there, you stretch a new piece of paper.


Illustrating this scene, where the butterflies create an image of their "green place" in John's head.  I wanted to try and make the meadow look as the butterflies might "see" it.  Not literally of course, but as a magical, wonderful, place where they can stop on their journey.



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