Cover Art
from The Prince of Butterflies



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Of all the books I've done, I think this one has the best cover.  Technically and conceptually, and as a summary image of the story, I think it functions well.  Originally, I wasn't going to show the boy on the cover, and I was only going to show a few of the butterflies, but Michael Stearns, my editor, talked me out of it.  (Thank You Michael!) His idea was to illustrate the moment before the "Butterfly Man" picture.  I got his point and redrew the sketch which he approved.  Privately, I imagined this is from the second year the butterflies come back for him.  This time he knows what is going to happen.  


Painting The Return, which was the last painting completed for the book, I consciously tried to echo this painting, to give the book a kind of completion.



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