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Right Here
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Right Here on This Spot
Written By Sharon Hart Addy
Illustrated By John Clapp


Kid Comments
I'm beginning to get letters from kids regarding Right Here on This Spot.  Unfortunately, I don't have names on these particular ones as they weren't signed, but they're from Monarch Grove Elementary School in Los Osos, CA.  (I'm typing them as is.)  Here are a few of my favorites:

"I liked this book because.....
it went from way back to 100
years later then it goes back
then it comes back again.
And I liked the ending."

"I liked this book because
 it can take you back in time
maybe to the ice age.  The
drawing where great too.  I would
like to chake out the book if
you get it."

"I tought it was O.K.
because it talks about
people who lost things
from the pass."

"I thot it was a good book
it is about one spot"