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Set your screen resolution as high as possible.  (If possible, 1000 pixels wide or higher resolution)


I've set this up to feel as much as possible as if you're turning the pages.  I've also added a few notes regarding two text changes I think we should make, and a few "oddities".  (Some temp design stuff I did pre-Jennifer)  Throughout, ignore the occasional vertical line going through the artwork.  I had to "piece" each spread together from four separate scans, so some blend better than others.  

Regarding the cover:
The font isn't exactly what I have in's a long story, but it's the only one I could get to display correctly when I converted the file to a TIFF format.  I was thinking of a similar font, one of the classic, elegant, round, serif fonts: Garamond, Palatino, Goudy, etc.  This is the general idea though; I want the type to be QUIET, no creatures stirring, not even mice...that kind of thing.   :)

I really want to avoid BIG type for such a quiet story.  I think the cover should be very dignified, quiet, and restrained.

I thought this combination of images did a really nice job of summing up the book.  Dick mentioned once, that he thought of the book as a "buddy book" where the kid's buddy is Santa Claus himself (!!!) I thought this inset image captures that sentiment quite well, and the background conveys the overall tone of the book.

Let me know what you think when you get the chance.


Enjoy!  :)


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